i will show you how to hack a crossfire phillipines account

note: this is free no need to pay

first) open your facebook account then when your victim is online
chat with him/her then copy this


then paste to the chat on your victim then enter it and you say
to him/her that to download that file and you say if you download that you will have a free ecoin that you want.

after that these are the rules to follow to hack him/her account

//: the rules :\\

you say to him that after download you ran it/install it
then after installing a program will appear to him/her front desktop
you say log in her/him account of crossfire
then click BUG and then if something happen you say to the victim
click your chat on facebook pls change the password that you see on the victims account ok…

and done … CONGRATULATIONS !!! you learn how to hack an account

then look on your chat on your facebook you will see that his/her
crossfire account is publish but you are the only one to see his/her account

ATTENTION: plss very important read carefully

…. after doing this you say to the victim by chatting on facebook
that if something happens he/she restart his/her computer so it gone …


!@#$%^&*()_+||+_)(*&^%$#@!!@#$%^&*()_+|\=-][';/.,,./;'[]-=\}{“:?><?:”{} hack system software ….

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